Page 23 – Horror Vacui.

Designed and typeset by Rebeka Molnár, the design of this page is based upon the term ‘Horror Vacui’, or “Fear of empty space” in Latin, where the entire surface of a space or an artwork is filled with detail. This design features a wide range of decorative ornaments and text in 8-line Tuscan wood type. The page is printed in petrol-blue and gold ink onto Colorplan Real Grey paper stock.

DSCF4722 L1130995 L1130992 L1140064 L1140061 L1140069

Page 44 – Rooka Industry.

This page is typeset in a selection of geometric border ornaments, Art Nouveau corner pieces, a 20-line numeral and text in Delitte’s Poynder with a discretionary ligature. Designed & typeset by Gergő Gilicze, this page is printed in violet and charcoal-black onto Colorplan Mist paper.

delitte_ornament_detail rooka_inked_forme rooka_print_detail

Page 27 – Zombie Dog.

Designed & typeset by Gergő Gilicze, this page uses Sans Condensed wood type, with the word ‘Zombie’ in six different typefaces and set at angles. This page is printed in a split-fount blend of pale grey and white so as to fade into the Colorplan Mist paper onto which it is printed.

L1130953 DSCF6110 DSCF6144 DSCF6225

Page 9 – Samurai & Cowboys.

Gergő Gilicze designed & typeset this page using Abbey Text, Antique Expanded and French Antique wood type with a revolver painstakingly created from metal border pieces. This page is printed in a split-fount blend of mint green and bubblegum pink onto Colorplan Mist paper.

DSCF4724 DSCF4743 DSCF7208 DSCF7243 DSCF8359 DSCF8356 L1130913 L1130927 L1130925 L1130933

Page 41 – Crab Britannia!

Designed and typeset by Rebeka Molnár, this page features a two-colour crab made up from wood type letters & punctuation and is printed onto Colorplan Park Green paper stock.

KrebiDSCF5942DSCF5865DSCF6130 DSCF6121 DSCF8032 DSCF8010 L1130930

A portfolio of experimental wood type designs.

Here at  Typoretum, we have embarked on an ambitious project to create a limited edition portfolio of experimental designs printed directly from wooden types.

The book will be letterpress printed on Victorian printing machines and will feature over 200 individual wood type faces from the private collection of Justin Knopp, founder of  Typoretum. The estimated publication date is Spring 2014 – regular updates will be posted here and you may also wish to sign up to our mailing list for more information.

– Limited edition of 250 numbered & signed copies
– 25cm x 35cm
– 48pp text & 4pp cover with printed cover wrap
– Singer-sewn thread binding

woodentypes_3 woodentypes_4 woodentypes_5 woodentypes_6 woodentypes_7 woodentypes_10 woodentypes_11 woodentypes_12